Minelab VANQUISH, für ambitionierte Anfänger


Unearthing 2019

Please note that this video is a teaser and not the official launch of VANQUISH. Those who attended the Global Partner Conference will have received information about VANQUISH. If you did not attend, please contact your BDM as soon as possible. All information is confidential and not to be shared with the public.
Please note, you will need to log in to your Minelab.com dealer account to view the web page until it is made live to the public tomorrow at 6.30am Australian Central Standard Time.

Below are the five talking points you are allowed to share with customers.

1. Product name: VANQUISH

2. Unearthing 2019

3. minelab.com/vanquish

4. The new hashtag is #UnearthPerformance

5. MULTI-IQ for everyone coming soon

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